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CamelBak L.U.X.E. NV - Women's
Ladies, if you're plunging into the backcountry, bring along CamelBak's L.U.X.E. N.V. Efficient and compact, this system totes 100 ounces of liquid (more than 4 large water bottles) and sports thoughtfully distributed cargo space with internal organizers for tools and gear. The best part has to be the N.V. ventilated and articulated back panel. It keeps the pack off your back and moves with you to keep you cool and dry and makes carrying water and gear merely an afterthought. Comfort is assured with a women’s-specific S-Shape with D-Fit Suspension, too. The L.U.X.E. even has a weather-resistant media/electronics pocket, an XC helmet carrier and a stow-away pack cover.
NeverReach Never Reach Hydration System Triathlete Neverreach Pack FREE SHIPPING AND TAX INCLUDED!*

$79.99Free Shipping!

 FREE SHIPPING & Tax Included*!! *on orders of $45 or more in the 48 states unless otherwise noted. Low price guarantee: If you see a lower price with shipping we'll beat it Plus a FREE GIFT! Just call or e-mail, see policy's page for more details...

Brand new in box!! Holds 2 Liters!! ALL MOUNTING HARDWARE & PARTS INCLUDED!! SPECIAL COMPLETE KIT!! Shave time off your bottom line!! Great for Ironman & Triathlons too! NEVERREACH (HANDS - FREE) BICYCLE MOUNTED HYDRATION SYSTEM - WATER PACK PK RACING TEST RESULTS SHOW A 35 SECOND INCREASE IN A 40K TIME-TRIAL BY USING NEVERREACH! MOUNTED TO YOUR BICYCLES MOST AERODYNAMIC LOCATION: BEHIND THE SEAT! Get proper hydration without distractions for maximum performance gain Mouthpiece over handlebars allows easy access to liquid "This is the best system I've ever used!!" Features a unique aerodynamic shape - a teardrop that reduces wind resistance Splashguard cap allows for manual liquid refills while cycling.Perfect for Ironman or triathlons! The NeverReach liquid container will hold up to 64 ounces of liquid (2 litres) and weighs less than 11 ounces including the bracket.
King Cage King Cage Titanium Water Bottle Cage
Super light, beautiful and ultra strong, King Cage's Titanium Water Bottle Cage is one of the coolest accessories you can add to your bicycle. It weighs a mere 28 grams yet holds your bottles so securely you won't shake 'em loose on even the roughest roads or trails. Plus, this elegant cage is made of tubular 3Al/2.5V titanium, which won't rust, corrode or mark your bottles. And, it's handcrafted in the USA, too!
CamelBak Arc Quick Grip
CamelBak lets you bring water along on your run with the Arc Quick Grip. It features a 10-ounce Mini Podium bottle, with a small pocket for your keys or a gel for those longer jaunts. Plus, the same high-flow mouth piece that's on all their great bottles is included.
Avenir Bottle and Cage Set (Plastic)
Avenir's Bottle and Cage Set comes with everything you need to stay hydrated. Well, except the water, sorry. You get a 23-ounce bottle with a molded plastic cage. The cage looks great and holds any bottle tight.
Avenir Slider Cage
Avenir's Slider is a stylish water-bottle cage at a nice price. Made from 6mm-diameter aluminum rod, it holds bottles fast and has a tough powder-painted finish. There are also buttons at the contact points that grip your bottle and prevent scratching when you slide it in and out.
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