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Kryptonite New York Lock®
$74.95 - $82.95
The New York Lock provides ultimate security in urban, campus and other high theft danger areas. Its 16mm hardened Kryptonium® steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. Double deadbolt locking provides extensive holding power. This lock features a center keyway that defends against leverage attacks and includes a high security disc style cylinder. A dustcover protects the cylinder from grit and grime. Plus, a lighted key and an optional $3,000 Anti-Theft Protection Offer are included. Protective vinyl cover, anti-rattle bumpers, EZ Mount transportation bracket (STD only) and Key Safe program are also included.
Kryptonite Evolution™
$54.95 - $59.95
The toughest bicycle security for moderate to high crime areas, the Evolution U-lock has a half-inch (13mm) through-hardened Kryptonium™ steel shackle. It features a high-security, disc-style cylinder that has a center location, which defends against leverage attacks. This lock has a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar and cylinder providing additional security. Included are: anti-rattle bumpers to noise reduction during transport, lighted key for nighttime use, a rotating dustcover to protect the cylinder and the EZ Mount transportation bracket. The Evolution is part of the Key Safe program and can be paired with a KryptoFlex® cable for quick-release component and accessory lock up.
Kryptonite KryptoLok®
$29.95 - $34.95
The KryptoLok is perfect for use in low to moderate risk locations. It features a tough 1/2-inch, hardened high-grade carbon alloy steel shackle that resists hand tools. This lock features a high-security disc style cylinder and has a center keyway, which defends against leverage attacks. A $1,250 Anti-Theft Protection Offer and Kryptonite's Key Safe program are included. Other features are: EZ Mount transportation bracket and anti-rattle bumpers to reduce noise during transport.
Kryptonite Chopper Chain Lock
Kryptonite's Chopper Chain Lock is a hip lock for use in low risk areas. The 5mm-thick, 3-foot long chain features trapezoidal links with an integrated locking head. The protective nylon cover features flame graphics. This lock is part of the Key Safe program.
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