Light & Motion Solo Li-Ion Logic Cub bicycle bike headlight head light lite

Light & Motion Solo Li-Ion Logic Cub bicycle bike headlight head light lite


Solo Li-Ion Logic Cub

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By combining the super light Solo Logic light head with our NEW and equally light yet powerful Li-ion Cub battery pack Light & Motion produced the ultimate adventure race system. Providing the brightest; whitest, most adjustable halogen system in the market, the Solo Li-ion Cub will run 1.5 hours on high. Combined with our innovative Cabeza mount and you have a race system so light you won’t even notice it’s there until it counts-when darkness falls.

Adjustable Light Heads:
Conditions demand a little wider or tight beam? No problem. Just rotate the bezel to adjust the beam pattern to your liking. The Solo Logic light head also rotates up and down and side to side independently to perfectly adjust your light coverage.

Logic Power Settings:
With Multi-volt (Mv) capability and three power settings; 6, 10 and 13 watts. The Solo Logic Mv will work with every battery in the Light & Motion arsenal; go light, or go long the Solo Logic Mv is up for the task.

Soft Start:
Although rare, sometimes turning on a light with a freshly charged battery blows the lamp. Our soft start feature controls the voltage at start up and lengthens lamp life.

Reserve Mode:
Batteries don't like to be fully drained. (Who does?) The LED’s on the Solo Logic Mv light head flash with about 15 minutes* left and then drop the power into low power, 6 watt mode. Just before the battery would be damaged, the system shuts down and cannot be re-started until a fresh battery is attached or the depleted one is recharged.
* Note: When using the Lithium-Ion battery the Low Battery Warning time will be extended to between 15-40 minutes and the period before auto shut off will decrease to 30 seconds.

The Solo Logic SL comes with both an over-sized (25.8-31.8) compatible Lefty bar mount as well as our super adjustable and rugged Cabeza (helmet) mount as standard- Forget about the debate on which is best, helmet or handlebar mount; decide for yourself. It is as easy as removing a screw and switching mounts. Both our helmet and handlebar mounts also feature our neat break-away disks which means even if you don’t see that low hanging branch, or nasty rut your light head won’t take the punishment. Multi adjustable and simple our mounts let you put the light where you need it and keep it there.

The Light & Motion Solo Logic Li-ion comes standard with our Lithium Ion Turbo Charger. The Turbo Charger quickly charges your battery in 90 minutes. The CC-CV circuitry ensures optimal battery life by not overcharging the cells. LED indicators signal 80% and fully charged states, when the charging is complete the batteries can be left on the charger indefinitely to maintain their maximum charge state. Additionally, the Turbo Charger accepts wall voltage from 90-260 volts, so charging in the United States as well as internationally is not a problem.

Li-ion Cub Battery Pack
Measuring 4” x 1 “ x 1” and outputting an amazing 11.1 volts the NEW rechargeable Li-ion Cub battery can power an ARC, or Solo Logic for 1.5 hours. The battery is so compact and light that you’ll hardly know it’s attached to your frame, clipped to your waist or stowed in your jersey pocket.

Light Output (lumens)/ Burn time (hrs.)
13.0 Watts- 390/ 1.5 hrs
10.0 Watts- 250/ 3.0 hrs
7.0 Watts- 120/ 4.0 hrs

Width: 2.5” Height: 2.0” Depth: 2.5”
Weight: 54g

Length: 4.0” Height: 1.0” Width: 1.0”
Weight: 160g
Battery Composition: Lithium Ion
Voltage/Capacity: 11.1v, 2.2Ah,
300 charge cycles

Solo Logic Mv light heads feature side illumination windows that can be seen from up to 300 feet from the side for better safety and they also makes reading your cycle-computer easier.

Power LevelLamp Power
Burn Time
Burn Time
Burn Time
Burn Time
(hr:min) *
  7.2v Nimh11.1v
Li-ion SL
11.1v Li-ion Ultra