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Zoot CompressRx Endurance Active Calf Sleeves

Zoot CompressRx Endurance Active Calf Sleeves
Sold in pairs.


Wear Zoot's CompressRx Endurance Active Calf Sleeves on your rides and runs to perform at your best. Zoot consulted doctors in the field of medical compression and came up with a circumference-based fit system so you not only get the perfect fit, you get the right amount of compression. The result is CompressRx graduated compression technology which surrounds your muscles to help stabilize them, increasing response and reducing vibrations and micro-damage that lead to post-exercise soreness. Made from EnduraRx nylon-spandex with SilverTech, CompressRx sleeves are 99.9% antimicrobial, breathe well and wick moisture for a comfortable, odor-free fit.

CoZoot's CompressRx fabric forces blood flow back to the heart and reduces lactic acid levels. This compression fabric helps you exercise longer and stronger and speeds recovery by directing blood flow back to your heart and ridding your body of waste products. This amazing fabric is great for anyone who exercises as well as those constrained to stationary positions by work or travel. Benefits include:

  1. Highly durable, lightweight PolyPro provides equal all-around stretch and strong compression.
  2. Therapeutic rated fabric delivers superior compression and expansion, which means faster muscle recovery.
  3. Improves oxygen circulation by encouraging blood flow to the muscles and flushing away byproducts.
  4. Improves endurance and strength by reducing muscle vibrations, which cause fatigue.
  5. During contact sports, it supports the muscles to prevent injury and soft tissue damage.
  6. Supports proper body position for enhanced stability and agility.


View a video about Zoot's compression technology and how it improves your training and recovery.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
1 714636746736 Z081325111
2 714636746743 Z081325112
3 714636746750 Z081325113
4 714636746767 Z081325114
5 714636746774 Z081325115